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Best Backpack Leaf Blower–The Ultimate Guide–Weight, Price, How to Buy

The best backpack leaf blowers have some common features listed in this ultimate guide.
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Can you get a leaf blower for under $100<? Yes, but those are usually bad quality and unreliable for commercial use. The professional ones are priced in the low $xxx –they’re called backpack leaf blowers. Why the weird “backpack” name? They’re called backpack because you can’t hold them in your hand, you must strap them on your back. You’ve seen communal workers use them if you live in an urban area. They’re padded though, they feel comfortable and it’s not like you’re wearing a big chunk of plastic. What’s the catch? There is none! Backpack leaf blowers are 5x more powerful than handheld blowers and only cost 2-3x more on average. If you’re looking for the best backpack leaf blower, we have taken all the guesswork out of choosing the right one.

Backpack leaf blowers are most commonly used for commercial property maintenance. You need one to maintain a commercial facility or building and need to clear leaves and similar debris. Homeowners with large parcels of land may also find them useful for their speed and added power. They’re priced in the low $xxx’s. For under $300 you could clear out any large property. Why bother sweeping leaves by hand, or even using handheld blowers?


We’ll help you navigate the market and purchase the best one. Here we focus on the prices and products for the shopping; that way you know what you can buy based on how much $ you’re willing to spend. We focus on value for money. We bought and tested them and featured only the best. Scroll down to see our featured products! Bookmark this page for future reference if you decide to return later and purchase the best backpack leaf blower for your business.

What Are The Benefits?

First off, these are NOT new inventions; they’ve been around since the 50’s. You had blowers back then because people didn’t like sweeping leaves by hand and public places used to require the same level of maintenance. The main difference is that backpack leaf blowers transcend “handheld” versions because they have superior motor power (MPH) and you don’t buy these for casual home use (unless you live on a large rural property/mansion). For your house you could do away with a basic little handheld blower. These are equally easy to use but they have the kind of power you need to clear out larger surfaces and you can work them all day without heating up. They NEVER overheat (unlike handheld options).

What are backpack leaf blowers essential for? They are essential for clearing out parking lots, parks, public buildings, commercial establishments, etc. Wherever you need to cover a LARGE surface fast and you can’t be bothered to do it with a small blower, you need to strap on the big boy blowers – we already bought and reviewed the 4 best leaf blowers on the market.

These are better than “vacuum” types because you basically throw the leaves in one place and then you conveniently dispose of them at once. You can attach a vacuum as an optional accessory. You don’t have to take breaks between vacuum overloads such as in vacuum types. Backpack leaf blowers look professional and they’re reasonably priced – even the “high end” options only cost mid-$xxx. This means they are affordable for all. You don’t have to be wealthy to buy a backpack leaf blower! They’re also better than popular handheld models because the handheld only blow leaves while backpack versions blow out everything including rocks, branches, etc. They don’t leave a single thing behind.

What Is The “MPH” Mumbo-Jumbo?

MPH just stands for “miles per hour” but in this case it’s used to refer to the speed of the air the blower releases. If a blower can “blow” at 250MPH that means it’s technically going to blow twice as many leaves/debris as a tiny 100MPH one. Most handheld have under 100MPH or just a bit more while the standard for backpack leaf blowers is 200-300MPH. Most above 150MPH are good for professional use and there’s very little difference between a 200MPH and 300MPH blower (pragmatically).

Pay More $ For Backpack

The handheld leaf blowers are $50-100. Backpack leaf blowers cost $300 on average. How do we justify the price difference? It’s simple – backpack blowers are aimed at professionals. DO NOT buy a backpack leaf blower for casual home use. It’s not that they’re harder to use, it’s just that the average homeowner has no practical value for a backpack leaf blower. Professionals must have them because they can’t do a good job with a basic blower – they need wider/faster coverage. Backpack leaf blowers literally BLOW the rest out of the water. They are mostly gas-powered with the occasional propane-powered options and they’re usually 150-250MPH (2-3x more than handheld).

The power is immense and you need less pressure to clear out large properties – something you aren’t able to do with handheld devices. This allows you to cover larger surfaces, usually commercial. Let’s not forget the durability and performance – these are workhorses one could actually use all day. What if you need to travel between clients and re-use a blower multiple times every day? Your handheld would break down after 2 hours. You need one of the backpack blowers. Your only problem is gas. They barely weigh 20lbs – when you wear them on your back you’re not going to feel the weight, they’re very lightweight.

Yes, we all know handheld blowers weigh less. They’re only about 3-5 lbs each. Does that make them superior? No. They overheat, they’re not powerful and they break down faster. Handheld blowers are useless to a professional! The only reason they’re popular is because the average property is small and they’re still better than manual. However, you need heavy duty equipment for commercial purposes. That’s why you invest in a heavy-duty backpack leaf blower – to step up. Clear out parking lots, decks, sidewalks, parks, etc. You could do this as a full time job and even start your own cleaning business.

Why Gas Is Superior

Every solid backpack leaf blower is going to be gas-powered. How do they work? You sip gas in a little compartment and fire it up. You can buy gas bottles for only a few $. This means they’re portable and you don’t have to stretch long cables or rely on electricity in the outdoors. What good is a leaf blower if you need electricity to put it to use? Leaves don’t fall indoors where you have electricity, you almost never get straight-forward access to electricity. This is why gas is useful and you should buy a gas powered backpack leaf blower. Yes they cost a bit more $ but for that you get extra portability and performance.

Prices: How Much Do Backpack Leaf Blowers Cost?

Backpack leaf blowers cost $250-300. You can find them for under $200< while the more moderate mid-range options start at $350-400. The high-end options are between $400-500. Most of these have similar features but the cheap ones are “bare bones” options. The expensive ones are more reliable, have sturdier parts and more motor power/MPH. Suffice to say everyone can afford them.

Top 4 Best Backpack Leaf Blowers – REVIEWED

These are the only backpack leaf blowers you need – we covered every budget range and you should make your decision based on how much $ you’re willing to spend. They’re the most popular and go-to solutions for their price range hence it should be a straight-forward decision based on how much money you have.

Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower ///POPULAR STARTER OPTION///


This might be the only “popular” backpack leaf blower option on the low-end. These are not popular because they’re professional equipment – people don’t wake up one morning and think “I need a backpack leaf blower”. It’s an investment for professionals and this one is loved by most. That’s why you should consider it ahead of the rest, and it’s under $300!!

The Husqvarna 150BT is a bit more popular but it’s also more expensive. This one is still a bit better than the bare-bones 200 MPH models and has 250 MPH. We found the fuel economy decent, it doesn’t burn through fast but it’s not the most economical either. It strikes a solid middle ground. The Husqvarna 150BT is what you get if you’re uncertain and want the “safe” choice. Zero risk involved. You could buy this right now and not regret it for the price.


  • Cheap starter option – save $.
  • Popular product.
  • Looks professional on the back.
  • Weighs only 26 lbs.
  • 250 MPH motor – powerful.
  • Safe purchase.

Yes, you can use it at home and it’s an economical solution but it’s practical for commercial use as well. The Husqvarna 150BT is the go-to choice for people who want the safest purchase. Parts are easy to find in case of breakdown too. What’s the advantage compared to other backpack blowers? The main advantage is the superior engine design because it was built to reduce exhaust emissions. Other Husqvarna’s have this too. It exudes 50% less gas than other blowers on average. If you’re air-sensitive and you don’t like the smell of gasoline this is your best bet from the “starter” range. Oh, it’s even better than more expensive ones. If you’re uncomfortable with gasoline smoke get this and be done with it.

Poulan Pro 48cc Backpack Blower ///GET THIS IF YOU’RE BROKE///

The Poulan Pro  has a very peculiar design wrapped in a black/yellow color combination. This is one of the most aesthetic blowers we’ve tried and surprisingly it’s the cheapest. You get a solid 200 MPH motor which is not bad compared to the rest and it only weighs 22 lbs. This means the weight is identical to the other backpack blowers (not higher or lower) and the motor is great too. Everything around 250MPH is solid. You get cruise control and instant throttle responsiveness for fast control. This is unheard of on the low-end.


  • Cheapest of all. Save $.
  • Good for beginner practice.
  • 200MPH motor.
  • Only weighs 22lbs.
  • Most aesthetic black & yellow design.
  • Again: So cheap it’s a steal.

The Poulan Pro marks the difference between unprofessional handheld blowers and professional-grade backpack leaf blowers. Try one out at home! Your handheld will only blow the leaves while the Poulan will blow out all the debris too. It also doesn’t get cheaper than this. Get it if you’re on a budget. No, you cannot beat this for the price.

Husqvarna 350BT $315 ///GET THIS IF YOU HAVE A BIT MORE $$///



Why do Husqvarna blowers dominate the market? They’re not superior, their motors are “average”. The reason is that they have superior exhaust emission technology. You buy these to save your lungs. You need less protection when you use Husqvarna blowers because it exhumes half the gas fumes of the average backpack blower. They’re similarly priced too – why pass up on them? The 350 BT is one of Husqvarna’s 2 best-sellers. It’s about $100 more than its smaller brother, the 150BT, but it has additional features such as fan adjustment.


  • Very few harmful emissions.
  • Perfect mid-range option.
  • Very popular/best-seller.
  • Durable, Husqvarna quality.
  • 200 MPH.
  • Lightweight – 22 lbs.

The Husqvarna 350BT is one of the most light-weight, only weighing a bit over 22 lbs. What kind of professional is this meant for? It’s people who want the cheap option with a bit more advanced features who don’t want to splurge on the most high-end solutions. The 350BT beats all sub $300< models you’re considering but it’s still not the same as Makitas in the $400-500 range. You just get a “sense” of high-end functionality but it’s not the same. We suggest spending the extra $200 if you want high end.

Makita BBX7600N $500 ///SPLURGER OPTION #1 – MOST EXPENSIVE $///

Name one blower that costs $500 and still GOES OUT OF STOCK?? This is the only one. It’s that good! Your $50 blower couldn’t sell out faster than this. Here’s what you’re missing out on: Makita is the one brand everyone in the trade’s industry trusts. They make high-end products and they’re not a “race to the bottom” company. If you’re a casual home owner think of them as the Apple of trade’s hardware.

Yes their products are pricier but they also make better products. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a multimeter or a gas-powered backpack leaf blower from Makita – you just know it’s going to be quality. Side benefits: When you bring a Makita to a job site people instantly take you seriously. No, you’re not just paying for a brand name – their quality is really that good. This is why their products sell out. If you can foot the bill consider getting the BBX7600N because this is the company’s best stab at backpack leaf blowers.


  • 4 stroke engine (as opposed to 2 stroke on low/mid range).
  • Normal emissions.
  • Replaceable air filter.
  • Extra comfort and padding.
  • 190 MPH.
  • Only 22 lbs.
  • Not loud.
  • Best blower money can buy.
  • Makita quality + money back guarantee (no risk).

This is the only leaf blower with a money back guarantee. They’ll let you try it out for 30 days and give your $ back if you don’t like it – they mean it. Their customer service is only paralleled by Husqvarna’s. If you want the best blower money can buy, spend your money on this now. You can’t fail with a Makita and yes it’s 2x better than everything else. It’s going to last 2x longer and the materials are 2x better. Not to mention the brand name that instantly commands respect.

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