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Good Ideas CW 2X Dueling Compost Tumbler Review-Garden Soil Hero?

The Good Ideas CW 2X dueling Compost Tumbler has a dual chamber design for more efficient composting.
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The Good Ideas CW 2X Dueling Compost Tumbler comes fully assembled, and is made from 100% recycled BPA-free polyethylene that is approved by the FDA for use around edibles. The CW-2X consists of a dual chamber tumbler bin with hand holds for turning, and the base that has wheels to allow for turning compost, as well as a collection chamber for compost tea. Each chamber of this composter is separate from the other, and holds 25 gallons for a maximum capacity of 50 gallons or 7 cubic feet.

Good Ideas CW-2x Compost Tumbler Product Specs

  • 50 gallon, 7 cubic foot capcity
  • Dual chamber design
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Compost tea collecting base
  • Deep hand holds for turning the chambers
  • Made of 100% recycled, BPA-free polyethylene in the USA
  • Plastic is FDA approved for food contact
  • Weatherproof construction
  • 1 year warranty

What the reviewers said…


Assembly and Set-Up

The Good Ideas Dueling Compost Tumbler comes fully assembled , and all you have to do is place the base where you want to compost, and then simply put the tumbler bin on top. The unit is easy to move when it is empty (only weighs 28 pounds total) which is a big plus for the ease of set up. The CW-2X is of very heavy duty quality and should last for many, many years.

Design and Functionality

The dual chamber design allows you to fill up one side, and while that side is cooking/curing you can begin filling up the other side which allows for two simultaneous batches. Having screw on lids eliminates the chance of them popping off while turning, and is a nice added feature. The capacity of the composter (50 gallons-7cubic feet) should be plenty for the average household, but if you have an unusually large amount of kitchen scraps or yard waste you might need two of these. The tumbler works well, and the handholds along with the plastic wheels on the base make it easy to turn even when full. It heats up nicely, has many ventilation holes that promote airflow for reduced odor, and produces great compost.

Some Issues to Keep In Mind

The biggest issue with CW-2X is the openings for the bin chambers. A standard sized round shovel head will not fit into the smaller openings when harvesting compost. It also may be more difficult to transfer scraps from a collection pail into the composter. A compost scoop fits nicely inside the openings, and can be used in place of a shovel, but it will take a bit longer and be messier to collect the compost this way. There is also a slight issue with compost tea collection tank. The outlet is too low on the base to easily access while the base is on the ground. You may have to raise the base of the composter up by setting it up on blocks or boards to make the compost tea outlet more accessible.


  • Easy to set up
  • Large enough for most households
  • Dual chamber design—When one side if full you can let it decompose while still filling the other side
  • Handholds and wheels in the base make the tumbler easy to turn even when full
  • Compost tea collection tank
  • No bad odors when only the proper waste items are added (No dairy & No meat products)


  • The composter chamber openings need to be bigger to allow for easier adding/removing of material.
  • Compost tea outlet is too low to the ground and composter must be raised to allow for easy access


The Good Ideas Compost Wizard Dueling Compost Tumbler has a few minor flaws in its design, but is overall very good at what it was made to do. It will produce high quality compost for your garden and reduce household waste, while being easy to operate and maintain. The large capacity and dual chamber design make this composter a versatile, functional addition to any home.

Have you used or already own the Good Ideas CW-2X Compost Tumbler? Let us know about your experience with this product by leaving a comment below.


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