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Worm Factory 360 WF360B Composter Review-A Better Way to Compost?

Worm Factory 360 WF360B Worm Composter
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The Worm Factory 360 creates rich compost from household waste (paper and cardboard) and kitchen scraps (veggie peelings, coffee grounds, egg shells, etc.) with the help of composting worms. This is also known as vermicomposting. Worms feed on the scraps, and produce a rich soil that can be used in gardens, containers or flower beds.

The Worm Composter comes with 4 trays that hold up to 12 pounds of compost each, and can be expanded to 8 trays. An instruction manual and DVD provide step by step instructions for the whole process. The base of the composter unit comes with a spigot that allows for the collection of worm tea (a liquid by-product of the broken down waste) that can be used as fertilizer.

Worm Factory 360 includes full instructions and DVD

The Worm Factory 360 includes everything needed to start vermicomposting.

      Worm Factory 360 WF360B Worm Composter- Product Specs

  • Comes with 4 trays and is expandable to a total of 8 trays
  • The lid converts into a stand for trays while collecting finished compost
  • Instructional DVD with step-by-step directions
  • Accessory kit (thermometer, rake, scraper,)
  • Spigot on the base for collecting worm tea
  • Made in USA of recycled materials
  • 10 year warranty

What the reviewers said…

Assembly and Set up

The Worm Factory 360 worm composter assembles easily and only takes about 10-15 minutes. Everything needed to get started with vermicomposting is included in the kit except for the worms. Worms can be bought online and about 500-1000 red wigglers is plenty to get going. The instruction manual and DVD that are included are very thorough, and walks you through the set up, maintenance, and collection procedures. The spigot at the base is a functional and valuable feature. It’s main purpose is to drain off moisture created as waste is broken down. That nutrient rich liquid can be used as a highly effective fertilizer(compost tea).

How well does it compost material?

The composting process takes a little time initially to get started (1-2 months for the first tray), but afterward it works well and faster usually taking about a month to fill each tray depending on how much material you add. The most important thing to remember is to not overload the composter with too many food scraps. It is important to maintain the balance of the bedding and food waste to provide the ideal environment for the worms to live. When this is done right it really does easily produce an excellent , otherwise expensive, nutrient rich soil that is great for organic gardening, and also reduces waste that would otherwise have to be sent to landfills.

What you should add to compost in the worm factroy

You should add equal amounts of scraps and bedding for the best results.

Is the composter easy to use?

There is a slight learning curve, and if you’re new to composting with worms or composting in general, you can expect to go through some trial and error before you nail down a process to maximize your worm compost production. The worms in the composter can’t tolerate extreme temperatures. This will mean finding a cool spot in summer and a warmer spot in winter or having the composter inside full time. Garages and basements are an ideal place to keep the unit, as they usually have more controlled temperatures and are away from the main part of the house.

Using the Worm Factory Indoors

Maintaining the Worm Farm indoors is slightly more challenging. While there was little to no odor when used properly indoors, fruit flies can become a problem if you have a lot of fruit scraps. Some reviewers found that the best way to solve this problem is to simply add a layer of wet shredded newspaper on top of any fruit is added to the composter. If you keep the right ratio of scraps to bedding, smell and fruit flies are really a non-issue.  Some worms may escape if the trays are not stacked properly, so it’s best to keep a close watch on the unit until you’ve established that they can’t get out. Unless you want some squiggly roomates!

The lid contains useful instructions right on top and makes harvesting the compost easier.


  • Produces very high quality compost
  • Max 8 tray capacity holds a large amount of compost
  • Good airflow in composter prevents odors
  • Very thorough instructions for easy use and set up are included
  • Keeps household waste out of landfills


  • Takes a little while to master how much food waste can be added at one time
  • Can attract fruit flies if not used properly indoors
  • Sometimes worms escape the farm if trays are not stacked properly


It will take some time to get the hang of the process especially for beginners, and it can be a bit messy for indoor use, but with a small amount of effort the Worm Factory 360 turns household waste into great quality soil, and is a good companion for organic gardening.


Have you used or already own the Worm Factory 360? Let us know about your experience with this product by leaving a comment below.


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