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Gardening Gadgets & More-Best Gifts for Gardeners

These gardening gadgets are the top Christmas gift for gardeners
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Gardening Gadgets & More-Best Gifts For Gardeners

We’ve made a list of the top gardening gadgets, decorations, and tools that make great gifts for any gardener. These unique garden gifts are great for any occasion from birthdays to Christmas. You really can’t go wrong getting any of these for that special gardener in your life.

Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat

Take a load off after gardening or save your knees when planting. This 2-in-1 kneeler/seat combo features a thick padded foam cushion and a easy fold design for quick storage. Great for gardeners with knee or back problems. Tool pouches on the side keep gardening tools close at all times. Check it out here.

Mr. Stacky 5 Tier Stackable Vertical Planter 

Grow up to 20 plants in a one foot space with this vertical planter. Great for planting strawberries, herbs, or succulents. The flow through design means you only have to water the top of the planter. Can be used indoors, outdoors or both. Perfect for gardeners with limited space. Check it out here.

Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower

Keep those gardening tools organized with this deluxe tool tower. Up to 40 tools can be stored in the tower to de-clutter garages and sheds. Long handled tools are held securely in place by the clips and curved tubing allowing for head down storage. Casters on the bottom of the tower make moving it around a snap. Check it out here.

Gardman Mini Greenhouse

This mini greenhouse helps gardeners get an early start on the growing season. Keeps seedlings and small plants safe from cold temperatures. A roll up zippered front door provides easy access to tend to all your plants. The small size of this green house makes it perfect for a deck or patio and can even be used indoors. Check it out here.

Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit

The Click & Grow herb garden kit is a worry free way to have an indoor garden year round. Features such as an automatic LED grow light, self watering sensor system, and pre loaded seed pods make growing simple. Grow fresh herbs right on the kitchen counter with no work at all. The click and grow can also be use to grow small tomato and pepper varieties. Check it out here.

Worx Leaf Shredder

A leaf shredder is a valuable tool for gardening. Piles of Fall leaves can quickly be shredded into a fine mulch reducing them to 1/10th the original size. The shredder can be used to make mulch, nutrient rich compost, or just to make Fall leaf clearing easier . The Worx is one of the top rated leaf shredders and has a compact folding design that won’t take up your whole garage. Check it out here.

Plant Theater FUNKY Veggie Kit

For those into growing exotic and unique plants, there’s the Funky Veggie Kit. It includes everything you need to grow purple carrots, a striped tomato, and more. Check it out here.

Nature’s Blossom Bonsai Tree Kit

 Have you ever wanted to try the ancient art of growing bonsai trees? This kit includes everything you need to grow 4 types of bonsai from seed.  A great gift for those looking for a relaxing hobby! Check it out here.

Hori Hori Garden Knife

The Hori Hori Garden Knife is a highly functional tool that can pretty much do anything in the garden. A 16th century Japanese tool was updated to create this handy garden helper. Weeding, planting, digging, pruning, measuring, and more are made easy with this Swiss Army knife of garden tools. The durable design is made for years of use and the included sharpener always keeps the tool at peak performance. Check it out here.

 HealthyWiser Soil tester

 There are always so many questions when it comes to gardening. This garden gadget will quickly answer a few of those. The HealthyWiser soil tester doesn’t require batteries or set up and is very easy to use. Find out when to water plants, how much sun they’re getting, and see the PH levels of the soil. Three important factors for successful gardening with only the flip of a switch. Check it out here.

Design Toscano Zen Garden Gnome

 Sometimes, while insects are munching away on the garden, we need a reminder that “every little thing is gonna be all right”. There’s no better reminder than this meditating zen garden gnome. Each one is hand cast with excellent craftsmanship. Check it out here.

Mkono glass vase terrarium stand

 This glass vase stand makes a beautiful display for air plants, succulents, and any other small plants. Vases are made from heavy duty hand blown glass. Check it out here.

Gardenite PowerDrive Ratchet Shears

These powerful shears offer 5X the cutting strength of traditional clippers. The ratchet action cuts in stages allowing for effortless cutting of even thick branches and stems. Great for those gardeners with arthritis or other hand/wrist problems. Check it out here.

 Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator

 Don’t waste that harvest from the garden! Dehydrating is an easy way to preserve many types of veggies, herbs, and fruit. With its adjustable thermostat and 15 sq. ft of drying space, the Excalibur is one of the biggest and best dehydrators out there. Great for those with big gardens. Us gardeners are always looking for ways to use up those extra herbs and veggies. Check it out here.

Herb Saver

You’ve picked all those awesome herbs from your garden, Now What? Don’t let them all spoil! Keep herbs fresh for 3 weeks with this Herb Saver. Just throw in your herbs add water and have fresh herbs ready whenever you need them.   Check it out here.

Urbalive Indoor Worm Farm

Composting with worms creates some of the best garden soil available. This indoor worm farm is a functional compost machine but also has a beautiful design. Anyone with this unique piece will want to keep it close by and not tucked away in a garage! This worm farm is great for keeping out in the open in any kitchen, where it is used the most. Check it out here.

Jellyfish Plant Hanger

This unique little planter comes with everything you need for a beautiful eye catching accent for your home. Made with real naturally colored urchin shells, and extremely low maintenance air plants. Hanging hardware is included to have your Jellyfish plants anywhere you want some greenery. Comes with shells, live plants, hangers, and a gift box. Check it out here.

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