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Lifetime 60053 Raised Garden Bed Kit Review-Stronger Than Wood

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The Lifetime 60053 raised garden bed kit comes with eight interlocking panels that can be used to make two 4ft x 4ft beds, placed side by side to make a 4ft x 8ft bed, or even stacked one on top of the other to make one extra deep raised bed. The interlocking panels make up the sides of the bed and a sheet of weed barrier is used to form the bottom. The weed barrier is not included in this kit. The panels are made of polyethylene plastic and zinc plated screws that resist rust. Also included in the kit is a clear vinyl plastic tent enclosure that acts as a mini greenhouse.

Lifetime 60053 Product Specs.

  • Two 4ft by 4ft stackable raised beds
  • Tool free assembly
  • Made of high-density polyethylene plastic
  • Weighs 32 pounds

What the reviewers said…


Is It Easy To Assemble?

The Lifetime 60053 raised garden bed kit assembles very easily without the need for any tools. The plastic side panels just snap together, and the tent enclosure is held in place with tent poles and ties. This garden bed kit gives you the option to attach weed cloth to the bottom to prevent pests and weeds from coming up.  You could also just leave off the bottom and break up the soil underneath to increase the growing depth. Average assembly time is only about 15-25 minutes. The assembly directions can be a bit hard to follow when its comes to the tent enclosure but otherwise it’s a breeze.

Look and Functionality

The Lifetime 60053 is very appealing visually with a faux wood look. One of the advantages of the plastic construction, is that they will not break down or rot after years of sun and weather exposure like wooden raised beds tend to do. Another high point of the plastic panels is the ability to disassemble and move them to a new location, should the need arise. It’s also nice to have the different set up options (two 4ftx4ftx9in beds or one extra deep 4ftx4ftx18in bed). The 9 inch depth of each bed is plenty deep enough for most flowers and vegetables to grow.

The two individual beds can be stacked to make one extra deep bed.

Not Everything is Perfect

The garden bed side panels can be a bit flimsy, which is not noticeable when the two beds are constructed separately, but some reviewers experienced a slight bulging of the sides when the two beds were stacked on top of each other. The bulging effect can perhaps be minimized by using a lightweight soil mix. The tent enclosure is a nice feature that will shield plants from cold weather, but with only one zippered opening, it will be difficult to access all sides of the raised bed with it in place.


  • Plastic construction looks good and will last longer than wood
  • Easy Tool-Free assembly
  • It’s nice to have the option to construct one tall bed, or two shorter ones
  • Tent enclosure can extend the growing season


  • Bulging of the sides may occur when adding soil if the two beds are stacked on top of each other
  • The tent enclosure doesn’t allow easy access to all sides of the raised bed

Bottom Line

The fact that the Lifetime 60053 raised garden bed kit comes with two 4ft x 4ft beds makes it a great value. It isn’t without it’s faults, but the plastic construction will last much longer than comparable wooden garden beds. Although the tent enclosure has some minor flaws, it does help to extend the growing season, and is a nice added feature.

Have you used or already own the Lifetime 60053 raised bed? Let us know about your experience with this product by leaving a comment below.


Best Price on Lifetime 60054 Raised Bed Kit
Lifetime 60053 Raised Garde Bed Kit, 2 Beds and 1 Early Start Vinyl Enclosure$135.98
4 ft. x 4 ft. Two Raised Garden Beds with One Tent Enclosure, Brown$136.47
Lifetime 60069 Raised Garden Bed Kit, 4 by 4 Feet, Pack of 3$139.98
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